Menu maintenance simplification along with menu driven security information and management with 3-way match

Product Overview

Menus are the heart of your E1 implementation. Efficient design can enhance user experience while reducing training needs. Complex menu structures are difficult to navigate & change.

MenuPlus offers super efficient menu management in a grid enabling you to update & design security offline. Utilize it for upgrades or simplifying menu maintenance & security.


  • Save 100’S of hours with synchronize roles, menus & security
  • Easily design offline and copy, paste straight to JDE
  • Set-up menus in a fraction of the time
  • Efficiently mass update & change menus & security
  • See what’s visible to users with enhanced reporting
  • Turn your security data into actionable information
  • Visibility of “back door” risks that enable unwanted access


Key Features

  • Maintain E1 versions in a grid
  • Turbocharged menu filtering
  • Manage multiple languages in a grid
  • Report on access by menu
  • Instantly change multiple records
  • Single Grid Task Maintenance
  • Convert OneWorld Menus to Solution Explorer
  • Mass Updated using Spreadsheet imports
  • Compare & Contrast Roles X
  • Identify Program Exits & Embedded UBEs

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