Security maintenance simplification and project automation including open to closed

Product Overview

In JDE E1, using the standard Security Workbench or Action and View security for UDOs can be a time-consuming task.

SecurityPlus allows you to modify 100’s of rows of security at once and even designing offline before copy/pasting into the SecurityPlus grid. It works for all E1 security types!


  • Save time and money
  • Maximize ERP investment – Keep security inside JDE
  • Simple security clean-up
  • Easily design security offline and copy, paste straight in to JDE
  • Mass copy and delete to increase efficiency
  • Create warning messages and safeguards with intelligent defaulting
  • Quickly manage security and UDO access in the same place

Key Features

  • Mass security changes at once
  • Automatically lockdown security
  • SuperGrid to manage ALL security
  • Instantly change multiple records
  • Automated duplicate record removal
  • Manage ALL security types in web/fat client
  • Open to Closed in live system
  • Manage UDO access in one screen

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