datango is a fourth-generation enablement intelligence solution developed to meet the ongoing challenges in providing online learning in the most efficient manner.

  • Simplification of the authoring and editing of content, reducing the time effort involved, by up to 50%.
  • Publication of the lessons in different formats for example Word, PDF, HTML and PowerPoint.
  • Live help (context-sensitive help) is very valuable to users, in that they get immediate help in the moment of need.
  • Flexibility in designing simulations and tests with additional content like quizzes and videos.
  • The datango collaborator enables the rendering of lessons to learners, and the ability to provide on-the-fly, information and reports about learners, their progress and courses. Furthermore, sentiment analysis is useful in determining learners’ feedback on the quality of the learning material.
  • datango is a system-agnostic solution. All training for all your systems can be developed and rendered in datango.
  • Not only is datango suitable for system training but is equally effective in the development and rendering of non-system and soft-skills training.
  • datango is available in forty (40) different languages.

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