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About Resolve Red

Resolve Red is an Epicor and Oracle Partner founded in 2007 focussing on Enterprise Solution software implementations, business process optimisation and support services. With over 420 years of combined experience in our consultants we have become a trusted partner and advisor to all our clients.

Our passion and dedicated focus is business system Implementation. Our tagline says it all – “Business Relevance Reinvented”.  It is in our DNA and we evaluate all our actions in light of this.  Business improvement is a combination of strong technical expertise, a pragmatic approach to business operations and the ability to engage people to achieve this change.  Our biggest value-add is our ability to build strong teams that unlocks this improvement.

Having provided business software implementation, upgrade, support and associated services for over 15 years, we have developed a reputation as being a specialist, knowledgeable and dependable partner. Our clients experience us as being an integral part of their business system microcosm and rely on us to not only provide the service they require but also to look at ways to optimize and improve their system experience.

We are proud to confirm that together our consultants have over 420 hundred years of consulting experience. With all their knowledge and experience we can confidently confirm that Resolve Red is in the position to successfully implement and support any implementation no matter how big or small

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