Automated Testing Solutions

JD Edwards Enterprise One Automated Testing Solution

Automate, Optimise and Manage your JD Edwards Application Testing for Accurate and Auditable Results and Reports

  • Benefits
  • Native Management Console
  • Orchestrator
  • Flexibility
  • Saving on cost and time for future software update testing and modification retrofitting
  • Elimination of human error during testing
  • Consistent test results with uniform auditable output ensuring completeness of system testing and verification
  • Centralised, reusable, and adaptable test scripts that reside within the system and will continuously be available.
  • Best Practice generic test scripts that can be modelled for bespoke customer specific processes
  • Futureproof solution utilising the embedded orchestrator
  • Replace manual user acceptance testing scripts
  • Effective, robust, and easy management of variable like version numbers, application input and test data
  • Define Business Test Processes
  • Define Input Data for processes to be tested
  • Compares test results between baseline and upgrades
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Use the embedded Orchestrator Framework
  • Pre-built orchestrations for standard JDE processes
  • Ease of orchestration maintenance
  • High Re-usability factor
  • Test multiple variations of similar processes
  • Wall to Wall JD Edwards testing
  • UAT without the use of business users