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Being an innovative Oracle partner, Resolve Red is the premier JD Edwards Support and Implementation partner of choice in South Africa, with a combined experience of JD Edwards specialists of over 400 years.

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We pride ourselves on our innovative approach and solutions to addressing the continuous delivery methodology, as introduced by Oracle in 2017, as an alternative approach to software packaging and delivery.  Oracle announced that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is the last major release and that in future more frequent and smaller releases of new functionality and bug fixes would be made available.

The methodology ensures the software keeps pace with the rapid changing needs of the business, which is in stark contrast to the typical big bang model of software delivery, where a new major release is delivered every 24-36 months.

In line with the continuous delivery methodology, Oracle suggests that JD Edwards clients adopt a code current approach in their businesses. This would entail the implementation of a code current strategy to ensure that the updates are done frequently and with the least disruption so that every business can benefit from the new features and functionality and remain current.

Responding to this new way of software releases, Resolve Red has introduced and adopted a Code Current methodology to assist JD Edwards customers to remain code current.

With our revolutionary Code Current Strategy and approach, Resolve Red is now positioned as a “cutting edge” JD Edwards partner, able to assist the global market.

Our services are rendered utilizing a framework of best practices to ensure transparency, accountability and economies of scale.

  • JD Edwards Application, Database and JD Edwards CNC support.
    • Resolve Red provides both reactive and proactive support.
  • JD Edwards Application and Tools upgrades and implementations.
    • We have completed numerous upgrades and implementations.
    • Our philosophy is “successful completion of the project; on time and within budget”.
    • Our latest upgrade offering is Upgrade as a Service, adopting the code current strategy of Oracle.
  • Training as a Service.
    • Training material is developed according to best practice adult learning methodology.
    • Training material is continuously kept up to date.
    • Learners and continually monitored and assessed.
    • Monthly reporting.

To constantly strive to be relevant to the South African market, Resolve Red works closely with JD Edwards clients to understand their requirements and develops solutions to compliment JD Edwards, for example:

  • Automated Procurement Delegation
  • Automated Testing
  • Barcoding and Data Collection
  • Automated Health Checks and Monitoring
  • Code Current Strategy and Approach
  • IFRS 16 reporting
  • Master Data Automation
  • Oracle Cloud Integration and Extension
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • User Password Re-set
  • E-learning

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