Swift Mobile Solutions

JD Edwards Low Code No Code Application Automation

Swift Ephlux - JD Edwards Mobile Applications

Application automation platform for JD Edwards business analysts and power users to design, build, deploy and launch mobile, tablet, scanner and wep apps, auto-integrated with JDE applications, orchestrations, 3rd party apps and databases without having to write a single line of code.

  • Swift App Design Studio
  • Swift Administration
  • Swift to JD Edwards Integration

Swift App Design Studio is your go-to place for designing highly functional and user-friendly mobile, tablet and web apps. Swift App Design Studio provides the following key features:

  • Dashboard Designer
  • Find/Browse Form Designer
  • Entry Form Designer
  • View/Action Form Designer
  • Orchestration Form Designer
  • Custom Entry Form Designer
  • Custom Listing Form Designer
  • Custom View/Action Form Designer

Swift Admin allows for management of the Swift channels (connectors), users and monitor transactions

  • Configure REST based Swift channels and collections
  • Configure Swift DB channels and collections
  • Manage User Rights
  • Monitor Transactions using Message Scenarios
  • Auto JD Edwards AIS Server Integration
  • JD Edwards Security adoption
  • Application JD Edwards Error Handling
  • Additional Swift Users and Security layer for Customer/Vendor portals with a single proxy user for  JD Edwards and Swift Application Users only